Workin on an EP

2009-02-09 00:12:20 by Pixelsaur

Hey guys, you may have noticed (oh who am I kidding) that I haven't posted a song in a couple weeks, which for me is a little unusual, but I have a good reason. I am making songs, just not releasing them, because they're going into an EP!


It'll be maybe 4 or 5 orriginal tracks that will be sold (somehow) for (some) price in the near future.

Problem is I don't know how to go about making online albums and having them be sold, you know, for real money. If anyone knows, please leave a comment telling me how.

Thanks everyone!


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2009-02-09 00:18:21

first tell ppl about it.... then create a cd...... go to a selling website....... put the cd in the comp and upload it....... create a file for the songs......... and put the demo and price on the web!


2009-03-13 22:05:22

It's more donation funded but I've heard good things about so check it out.


2009-03-16 00:03:38


2009-03-22 15:26:40

Maybe you should check this site out? Lemon Demon uses it.


2009-04-18 00:23:46

You need more recognition. Your songs/remixes are awesome. Seriously.