2009-04-22 19:55:18 by Pixelsaur

The EP is ALMOST FINISHED! Thanks os much for your feedback on where to host the files for online distribution, I think I found the right one.

Here's what is promised:

- 3 (or) 4 New Original tracks
- Intro/Outro
- 1 remix of my most successful song
- 1 Hot woman (You choose the race!)

Genre varies from house to trance to dance, it's a complete electronic package.

I plan for it to be released early May, so scrounge up a couple of bucks (maybe 7 or 8)!

Thanks for all the support!


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2009-04-25 02:16:18

1 remix of your most successful song? im thinking of bounce.. or is it something else? :D

Pixelsaur responds:

Hmmm... Maaaaybeh.


2009-05-05 22:57:33

If I can find some cash, you got a buyer.


2009-05-28 18:44:36

"I plan for it to be released early May,"
May is ending. When will it come out???
Sorry but I'm pretty excited lol.
I can understand not making your deadline (I hardly ever make mine)
but could you please give us a new estimate on when it will come out?

Pixelsaur responds:

So sorry but I have a ridiculous amount of school work I need to power through before this gets completely sorted out. Thanks for your excitement, I hope I don't disappoint.