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It's my birthday again!

2010-05-31 02:54:02 by Pixelsaur

Which means it's time for empty promises:
- I will continue making dance songs
- I will continue experimenting with other genres
- I will cry and curse my birth
- I will pledge to fight against cancer


New... songs.

2009-11-28 00:04:18 by Pixelsaur

Just to clarify, yeah, these past couple songs are just for fun. I made them all in under 20 minutes, and because I don't have the patience now to work on a full length, these keep me sane. I hope you enjoy them anyways.

Pixelsaur Website

2009-10-01 23:33:40 by Pixelsaur


I made a site to host (most) of my songs in one place. As well as a blarg. Enjoy?

New 8-bit song!

2009-08-12 15:37:38 by Pixelsaur

Hey hey. I know a lot of you were anticipating the next 8-bit song I was going to make. Well anticipate no longer. 8-bit Possum is finally out. Hope you guys enjoy, and let me know if you want more 8-bit tracks!


2009-06-28 11:27:58 by Pixelsaur

Due to several problems in the EP making process, as well as several personal issues, I have made the sad decision to scrap the EP.

But fear not.

I will release ALL the songs I planned to sell for FREE, right on my Newgrounds account. It's a gift, for the fans.

Rock on!

It's my birthday!

2009-05-30 03:17:56 by Pixelsaur

Today I turn 16. I never thought I would make it, bravo for me!

And yes, the EP is so close to being done, even your dead grandmother can taste it. Stay glued to this page!

Thanks for the support my fans have given me!


2009-04-22 19:55:18 by Pixelsaur

The EP is ALMOST FINISHED! Thanks os much for your feedback on where to host the files for online distribution, I think I found the right one.

Here's what is promised:

- 3 (or) 4 New Original tracks
- Intro/Outro
- 1 remix of my most successful song
- 1 Hot woman (You choose the race!)

Genre varies from house to trance to dance, it's a complete electronic package.

I plan for it to be released early May, so scrounge up a couple of bucks (maybe 7 or 8)!

Thanks for all the support!

Workin on an EP

2009-02-09 00:12:20 by Pixelsaur

Hey guys, you may have noticed (oh who am I kidding) that I haven't posted a song in a couple weeks, which for me is a little unusual, but I have a good reason. I am making songs, just not releasing them, because they're going into an EP!


It'll be maybe 4 or 5 orriginal tracks that will be sold (somehow) for (some) price in the near future.

Problem is I don't know how to go about making online albums and having them be sold, you know, for real money. If anyone knows, please leave a comment telling me how.

Thanks everyone!

I've made two new songs: a Drum n Bass loop and a dance track. Tell me what you think!

Drum 'n Bass and an Earth that quakes.


2009-01-18 13:38:27 by Pixelsaur

I am not making as much anymore because school won't let me, it insists I do homework for hours upon end.

Stiiiiill waiting on those vocals.